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B2B Technology Platform for Medical Cannabis Products

Australia’s most advanced B2B supply platform for starting materials, APIs, and pharmaceutical goods.

Built for Sponors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Pharmacies and an that requires regulatory compliance, chain of custody, and controls. 

Stock received the simple way

Trusted Supply

Safe & Complaint

Secure Delivery

For Cultivators & Manufacturers

Our marketplace enables manufacturers to browse the market for raw materials and APIs at best prices and quality to suit their needs, express buy interests, verify supplier compliance and licenses, and list sell interests for their manufactured goods. 

For Sponsors & Suppliers

The CanXchange Australia platform combines compliance, chain of custody, and 3rd party logistics management software offerings for sponsors, suppliers and buyers in an online B2B marketplace.

Starting Materials, APIs, and Finished Products

Trusted Supply

Safe & Complaint

Secure Delivery


Store product stock in licensed warehouse facilities to support on-demand pharmacy delivery.

Fast Delivery

Typically 48 hour delivery in Australia, dispatched from licensed warehouses in QLD, NSW, WA.


You can visualise, analyse and act on real time product and pricing data and market intelligence.


Effortlessly meet regulatory compliance standards with our buyer/seller KYC and regulatory auditing, chain of custody and pharmacy technology.

Simplify your Supply Chain

Efficiently manage suppliers and customers in a unified platform, ensuring seamless operations, collaboration and swift transactions.

Stock Management

Our effective inventory management system enables real-time visualization of your inventory and sales, enhancing efficiency.

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